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There are so many ways to send files online – but for Solicitors, Barristers and other legal professionals, nothing is more secure or efficient than EDT.

We’ve created our packages to suit the way you work. So as the project leader, you control access rights to individual files - and there’s no charge for your co-workers to view your files online.

That means you can send all the data you need for every case on your books – anything up to 100 cases per billing month.

Choosing your EDT service
The prices below cover access to the EDT system, at Basic, Advanced or Manager level. In addition, we can help with your transition to working online, by collecting, scanning and archiving case notes – or disposing of files securely.

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You can also store older files online, using our archive server – to be retrieved within 48 hours or less. At £5 per case per month, it’s a cost-effective alternative to sending lever arch files to an offsite storage depot.

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