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"Why does EDT run on an EV SSL Secure Server?"

When it comes to sharing legal documents, security can’t be compromised. So instead of running EDT on a standard SSL Secure Server, we’ve obtained an EV SSL Certificate, for Extended Validation.

What’s the benefit of EV SSL?
Standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) offers a good deal of security – as demonstrated by the padlock icon that appears next to the address bar on all SSL pages.

But EV SSL, with Extended Validation, creates a green address bar, as proof of more secure settings. Users can click on the green bar to validate the certificate, and verify that the connection is fully encrypted.

So why the added security?
We’ve spoken to Solicitors from across the UK, who all flagged security as the chief reason for resisting online document sharing – so with EDT, we’ve gone the extra mile and created a secure server that meets the highest European standards.

Getting technical...
Here’s an overview of EDT’s security settings, plus the most important technical features:

  • 256-bit encryption: twice the security level of most file-sharing servers
  • EV SSL Certificate, from a CA/Browser Forum Certification Authority
  • Extended Validation protocols
  • Rigorous compliance with SSL X509 V3 standards
  • Document privileges set at group or user levels
  • Case Managers set forward sharing restrictions, to limit access to the server
  • Full Disaster Recovery via second server, stored offsite
  • Archived case notes stored on external server for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Retrieval from archives within 48 hours or less

If you have any questions on EV SSL, security, server encryption or other features, we’ll be happy to talk it through. Just call...

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