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A whistle-stop guide to EDT: the latest legal technology

Like all the best legal solutions, EDT has been created to solve one specific problem - in this case, sharing sensitive legal documents securely online.

The technology lets you, the Solicitor, create a group of users, such as Barristers, Social Workers and members of your legal team. Then each time you upload a document, you assign a level of privilege - granting access to the whole group or selected individuals.

Crucially, the document can only be viewed by authorised users who are logged into the system. Users can then download the document, and save it to a tablet PC or laptop. Then with password protection, they can safely access the document in Court.

You can find out more about EDT's security settings here.

 Process Flow 

But it’s not just about the technology
Legal documents have to be managed carefully, as you make the transition from offline to online. And we can manage the whole process: collection, scanning, archiving - or if you prefer, disposal in line with security protocols and environmental standards.

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