EDT: Case Management Software for the Legal Sector

For every Solicitor with a DX number...or a growing problem with storage

Document storage is a never-ending battle for Solicitors. DX or no DX, every legal practice seems locked in a struggle with paperwork...and till now, case management software has let the problem fester.

If you’re a Solicitor, you’ll probably know this all too well. Instead of putting in billable hours, you’ll be spending valuable time on basic admin duties, like photocopying, filing and distributing Court Papers – or even travelling back and fore to your DX point!

And it’s not just a drain on time. With statutory 6-year archiving, DX or storage costs will be with you for the long haul.

It all adds up to lost revenue and added expenditure – at a time when most Solicitors need to rein in costs and maximise billing time.

So we’ve developed EDT: case management software that removes all the old restrictions.

With EDT, all your documents are scanned into a secure web server, to be viewed online through 256-bit encryption. Each document can be shared with nominated users or groups – and with forward sharing restrictions, there’s no risk that anyone outside your trusted circle will access the server.

Using EDT, you can look forward to:

  • Simple Case Management: less hassle, and a lot less admin time
  • Lower overheads: saving on DX numbers, printing, stationery and postage
  • More billing time: you’re free to focus on the Solicitor’s work you trained for!
  • Peace of mind: with tight restrictions, there are no security headaches
  • Office space: less filing means room for more desks, or maybe a meeting room...?
  • Eco Credentials: less travel, less paper...it all supports Local Authority contracts

Of course, you might have toyed with document transfer systems before...
But as you’ll discover, EDT is a different breed. The software has been developed in accordance with strict legal protocols, and designed exclusively for the legal sector – especially Solicitors and Barristers.

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