Atkinson Lewis

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Atkinson Lewis is a full support network for legal professionals and public sector officials who work with the Family Courts. 

With experts across the UK, the company is uniquely placed to offer an end-to-end service, including psychiatric and psychological reports, expert witness statements, lab testing and analysis, and case management support. 

The company was originally set up by Dr Rosemary Atkinson, a psychiatrist who specialises in childcare cases involving drug and alcohol abuse. Under Dr Atkinson’s stewardship, the company quickly established a reputation for clinical support, and began to identify other needs within the legal community – chiefly, the lack of effective case management tools and support. 

Since then, Atkinson Lewis has added a full case management service, centred on the creation, distribution and archiving of Court Bundles. 

By moving the process online, they’ve addressed the age-old problems of managing paperwork and maximising storage space – and overcome new obstacles, like validating electronic signatures and controlling access to sensitive legal documents. 

Atkinson Lewis has developed EDT in partnership with Accelero, providing the legal framework and protocols that allow the software to meet the precise challenges of the legal sector. 

You can learn more about Atkinson Lewis here

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