About EDT

How the legal sector’s document storage and sharing platform evolved

EDT is the brainchild of two South Wales companies: Atkinson Lewis and ATK Infrastructure Solutions Ltd. By pooling a wealth of legal and technical expertise, the two companies have created a unique new system for archiving and sharing legal files and documents.

EDT (or Electronic Document Transfer) started when the two companies met through the University of Glamorgan. Atkinson Lewis had a number of projects calling for technical enhancements, and required novel solutions – including new bar coding technology to support the collection of hair and blood samples used in childcare cases.

As collaborations continued, Atkinson Lewis discovered that Solicitors and Case Managers shared a common problem – controlling the vast amount of paperwork that passes through their hands.

David Atkinson, the system’s co-creator, says, “For closed cases, archive document and file storage is a drain on office space, or an ongoing cost burden when documents are stored offsite in lever-arch files.

“And for live cases, Solicitors seem to spend the whole time photocopying and distributing documents offline. It’s not the most efficient working method – and if snail mail causes a hold-up, it can even lead to delays in Court.”

After consulting with Solicitors, the two companies identified a number of limitations with document sharing and storage systems – including:

  • Security: how to protect confidential files and documents online
  • Forward Sharing: keeping tabs on documents after they’ve been downloaded
  • Regulations: making sure documents are managed in accordance with rules and protocols
  • Document Archiving: online options for statutory 6-year storage
  • Dual Media: supporting hard copy scanning, plus storage or secure destruction

EDT was developed in response to the solicitors’ wish-list – effectively creating the antidote to all the old restrictions.

The result is a document storage and sharing platform that’s fully fit for purpose – maximising efficiency, reducing admin costs and enhancing document security.

In the words of one early adopter:
“EDT gives me more time to do the work I trained for, more space to do it in, and more money for business necessities. It’s just a better way of working.”

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