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Secure document transfer has become the Holy Grail for Solicitors! With legal documents filling
every inch of office space – and the sheer inefficiencies of archiving offsite – online document
sharing is the only viable way forward.

But document transfer systems come in all shapes and sizes – and there’s no standard definition
of ‘secure transfer’. So if you're sharing sensitive documents, you’re bound to have questions
over security and compliance.

The answer is EDT - aka Electronic Document Transfer
Developed by legal support experts, EDT is designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by solicitors and other professionals working in the UK courts.

It’s a fast, reliable transfer platform that lets you control document access and restrict forward
sharing – so there’s no risk to confidential legal files.

Whether you’re sharing a single document or an entire Court Bundle, EDT is a secure, user-friendly
system that understands the way you work.

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